Freight Broker Authority

Everything You Need in One Package

Get your Federal Broker Authority fast and without all the hassle. We'll lay all the groundwork and handle the details for you, so you can start moving freight and making money right away. You can also get both your carrier AND broker authority in one easy package.

For more information on our DAT Authority packages, call us at 866.265.3172.

Broker package: All for only $685

  • All Federal Fees Included
  • DOT Number
  • Designation of Process Agents (Form BOC-3)
  • Unified Carrier Registration Agreement (UCRA)*
  • One Month of FREE Load Board Service, Plus a 10% Discount for Life

Authority: Broker


Broker/Carrier combo package: All for only $1,443

  • Broker Authority
  • Carrier Authority
  • Process Agents
  • IFTA*
  • International Registration Plan (IRP)*
  • Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)*
  • Special Permits for NY, NM, & KY*
  • Safety Compliance Kit
  • One Month of FREE Load Board Service, Plus a 10% Discount for Life
  • All Federal Fees Included

Authority: Combo


* DAT Authority prepares the state applications for you but does not file them. You will need to sign the application and submit them with the required state fees. State fees are not included in the package price and must be paid separately.

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TMS Software for Freight Brokers

Don't settle for transportation management software that was created for carriers and then adapted for freight brokers. DAT Keypoint can help your brokerage succeed—whether you're a startup or a multi-million dollar company.

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