Load Board for Brokers

Load Board for Brokers

DAT has the largest network of truck drivers, making it easy to get your loads moved.
DAT’s freight broker load boards give you the tools to seize new opportunities, increase your profits, and keep your loads on the road.
  • Access our superior load boards for brokers of all sizes.
  • Get your loads viewed nationwide.
  • Work with financial services designed to help you succeed.

Access our superior load boards for brokers of all sizes.

Whether you’re a small brokerage or nationwide operation, DAT’s broker load boards will help get your loads delivered on time.
DAT’s load boards are designed to make your job easier, so that you can keep your loads moving. We analyze real transactions to provide accurate market rates on 68,000 lanes, and reviews from other brokers help you choose the right carrier every time. With DAT, you can post unlimited loads and make unlimited searches for trucks. Even when you’re not logged into the board, you’ll get real-time notifications when new trucks match your search.

Get your loads viewed nationwide.

Maximize capacity and profit with the best load boards for freight brokers.
Leverage DAT’s reliability and flexibility to make your broker business more competitive. DAT’s truck broker load boards put you in touch with the largest network of drivers in North America, allowing you to quickly match load to truck to price every time. Monitor capacity and let our data on market trends keep you in the know while you plan what’s next.

Bring carriers on faster and reduce risk.

In addition to load and shipping data, brokers who choose our load boards can get access to the best carrier monitoring, onboarding and load tracking tools.
With DAT, not only are you getting access to three times more trucks than any other broker load board can offer, but select plans also include DAT CarrierWatch – our carrier monitoring service. You can qualify carriers in minutes and avoid dispatching out-of-service or carriers with poor safety ratings. Additional services like DAT Onboard and DAT OnTime load tracking allow you to tap into DAT’s network of thousands of carriers who have already filled out onboarding profiles and are ready to track loads.

"DAT has helped us grow exponentially over the last 20 years, I don't know where we would be without it.”

- Brian Sutton, Austin Freight Systems

“It’s a great load board. You have everything you need at your fingertips. You put something in, man, you better be ready to take the calls.”

- Shellie T. Greene, Agent for O & I Transport, Inc

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Get access to the trucking industry’s largest on-demand network for capacity and gain market insights that level the playing field. DAT’s offers freight broker load boards that fit any company, from enterprise firms to one-person operations. Find the load board package that best suits your business.

DAT Load Board

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