MC Number Lookup

MC Number Lookup

Find MC authority info for all your potential business partners with DAT CarrierWatch.

Verifying an MC number is essential for ensuring a trustworthy partnership even before the deal is sealed. DAT CarrierWatch offers a swift and uncomplicated approach to validate carriers, including insurance certificates, CSA scores, and more. This adds security to your business dealings while providing a streamlined and convenient process.

  • Search MC numbers to verify carriers.
  • Monitor carrier insurance with alerts.
  • Access DAT’s database of carriers.

Search MC numbers to verify carriers.

Understand who you’re really doing business with using DAT’s MC number lookup tool.

DAT’s FMCSA MC lookup tool can serve as your ticket to a dependable and consistent trucking business. Whether you’re a broker in search of new carrier clients or a carrier seeking truckers, you can authenticate all your prospects using DAT CarrierWatch. By leveraging DAT’s comprehensive database, you can effortlessly access anyone’s MC number within seconds, requiring only a few simple clicks.

Monitor carrier insurance with alerts.

Keep track of carrier insurance certificates and get alerted when there are changes.

In your trucking business, minimizing financial risk involves ensuring your partners possess adequate insurance coverage. DAT CarrierWatch provides insights into insurance history, including printable certificates for MC-certified businesses. It also enables you to track your partners’ insurance certifications and promptly receive notifications about any changes. This proactive approach empowers you to create a secure operational environment, boosting the stability of your trucking enterprise.

Access DAT’s database of carriers.

Contact carriers on the largest trucking network in the industry.

The DAT network stands as the largest marketplace of carriers and brokers within the industry, affording you the finest array of business partners for any task. Boasting more than 200,000 active carriers, DAT simplifies the process of discovering dependable carriers with favorable rates and impeccable records. Moreover, our database comprising over 100,000 inactive carriers aids in recognizing those who are no longer certified, enhancing your decision-making.

"DAT has helped us grow exponentially over the last 20 years, I don't know where we would be without it.”

- Brian Sutton, Austin Freight Systems

“It’s a great load board. You have everything you need at your fingertips. You put something in, man, you better be ready to take the calls.”

- Shellie T. Greene, Agent for O & I Transport, Inc

Look up an MC number in seconds.

Guarantee the dependability of your business associates and evade legal consequences linked to uncertified carriers. Employ our quick and user-friendly FMCSA MC lookup, where DAT CarrierWatch becomes your essential asset for identifying dependable carriers confidently.

DAT CarrierWatch

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