Nearest Truck Stop

Nearest Truck Stop

Find the closest truck stops within seconds through DAT One and reserve parking with 100% reliability.

Are you looking for the nearest truck stop? DAT is dedicated to taking the uncertainty out of freight. Reserve parking from anywhere with the DAT One mobile app when you’re on the road – and never worry again about finding a safe, secure, nearby truck stop again.

  • Find the nearest truck stop – even when you’re on the road.
  • Make parking convenient, not a hassle.
  • Keep your drivers safe and your cargo secure.

Find the nearest truck stop – even when you’re on the road.

Remove the unpredictability from parking once and for all with real-time insights and visibility that goes beyond predictive parking.

Why settle for predictive parking when you can guarantee secure parking? With real-time insights and full visibility of nearby truck stops, available amenities, and pricing, you know exactly what you’re getting with DAT One.

Dispatchers can seamlessly reserve spots at the nearest truck stop ahead of time on behalf of their drivers to maximize the value of their fleets. Even when you’re in a pinch, DAT One gives you the flexibility to guarantee your parking spot on-demand, at your arrival time.

Make parking convenient, not a hassle.

With easy access to parking, your drivers can stay on schedule and efficiently get from Point A to B.

Ask yourself the following: do your drivers ever struggle to find parking while on the job? Do you google the “closest truck stop to my location” or “closest truck stop to me,” and often come up empty?

If so, it may be time to consider how other parking solutions can benefit your business. With the DAT One mobile app, parking and planning will become easier than ever!

Keep your cargo secure and your drives safe.

Plug your address into the DAT One mobile app and sit back and relax.
DAT One connects you to more than 1,000 secure parking locations around the country – ensuring your drivers, vehicles, and cargo remain safe at all times. By removing the inefficiencies (and stress) from parking, freight professionals that handle fragile or highly valued loads, particularly, appreciate the peace of mind DAT One offers.

"Very helpful for new drivers in the industry, tons of information."

- Kennard Kahn

Find the nearest truck stop wherever you are!
DAT One mobile app – an essential tool for carriers seeking truck parking and travel guidance service. Our efficient platform removes the uncertainty from your freight business and ensures your drivers can always find nearby truck stops from any North American location, straight from the app. Get the DAT One app now for stress-free parking reservations!