Trucking Cargo Insurance

Trucking Cargo Insurance

Protect your cargo while saving money with per-load trucking cargo insurance from DAT partner Loadsure.

Finding reliable trucking cargo insurance providers is a must for smooth business operations – and for avoiding legal hiccups. DAT has partnered with Loadsure to provide carriers and brokers with reliable per-load, all-risk smart commercial cargo insurance. Not only can Loadsure give you instant peace of mind, but you’ll also enjoy expedited claims payouts, dynamic pricing, door-to-door coverage, and more.

  • Get per-load trucking insurance in seconds.
  • Save money with reliable per-load cargo coverage.
  • Simplify claims and get your payout fast.

Get per-load trucking insurance in seconds.

Fully digitized trucking cargo insurance from Loadsure lets you get coverage on every load in 40 seconds or less.

When you’re working on the spot market, time is critical. If you aren’t able to cover risk quickly, you could lose out on loads and commissions. Luckily, with Loadsure’s fully-digitized per-load trucking cargo insurance you get lightning-fast coverage so you can spend more time delivering or brokering freight and less time navigating the complexities of getting coverage from typical trucking insurance companies.

Thanks to Loadsure’s partnership with DAT, you can access trucking insurance in seconds right through your DAT load board.

Save money with reliable per-load cargo coverage.

Cut your trucking cargo insurance costs with dynamic pricing and per-load coverage.
Loadsure’s per-load, all-risk smart coverage lets carriers and brokers alike access policies that are dynamically priced to match each load. That means you only pay for the coverage you need for each specific load, without annual covers or adjustments based on the value of other loads. That can cut your trucking insurance costs by 5x or more compared to coverage from standard trucking insurance companies.

Simplify claims and get your payout fast.

Loadsure’s revolutionary, AI-driven platform lets it settle claims in a couple days (or less) and process payments in minutes.
Loadsure’s unique, data-driven approach to trucking insurance doesn’t just let the company accurately underwrite risk in real-time, but it also comes with an automated claims system that simplifies your work, eliminating errors and seriously reducing processing time. That means faster processing and faster payouts. In fact, Loadsure offers instant access to all your claims payouts so you can get your money as soon as you need it.

“Claims like this typically take two to three months, but it only took two weeks with Loadsure.”

- John Coviello, President GMG Transwest Corp

"Loadsure is a no-brainer. I don't remember ever really having to sell it. It's just something that makes sense and the price is right. It’s another tool that makes me even better."

- Patrick O’Loughlin, COO, Regiment Logistics

Save money with per-load trucking cargo insurance from Loadsure!
DAT partner Loadsure offers all-risk, smart per-load cargo coverage backed by AI and predictive analytics, saving you time and money. Plus, Loadsure’s simple claims filing and payout process means that if something goes wrong, you’ll have your money in your account in no time. See for yourself how per-load trucking insurance can help your business!

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