Trucking Rates Per Mile

Trucking Rates Per Mile

Stay on top of truck freight rates per mile and keep your profit margins high.

DAT provides the most accurate information about current trucking rates per mile, giving owner operators and carriers the market data they need to negotiate better prices and build solid business relationships. 

  • View and compare truck freight rates per mile.
  • Use powerful freight pricing tools to boost revenue.
  • Anticipate market changes before they happen.

View and compare truck freight rates per mile.

When you know how much other carriers and owner operators are making on spot and contract freight, it’s easy to keep your prices competitive.

The DAT One load board platform seamlessly integrates data from the DAT iQ freight rate analytics and forecasting platform to provide you with the most accurate rates-per-mile data in the business. We use billions of dollars in annual carrier payments (not bids or asking prices, but actual invoices) for shipments on more than 68,000 lanes to bring you daily updates to help you make decisions on your van, flatbed, and box truck rates per mile.

Use powerful freight pricing tools to boost revenue.

Deep market insights about changes in trucking rates per mile and regional supply and demand keep unexpected surprises to a minimum.

We collect data from 149 distinct market regions based on zip code instead of geographic radius. The result is the most accurate pricing index in the industry. See market rates for your preferred lanes and freight types in real time, or compare them to historical data from the past 13 months to anticipate seasonal trends with ease. DAT TriHaul also provides triangular routing suggestions to improve your rate per mile.

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Anticipate market changes before they happen.

Our tools provide rate forecasting up to 52 weeks in advance with twice the accuracy of any competitor.

Detailed maps of spot market conditions show you where demand and capacity are high, and our rate benchmarking services allow you to make better-informed business decisions and avoid unnecessary pricing risks when planning for the future. DAT iQ’s analysis tools offer customized reports and multi-lane breakdowns for RFP bids that can reveal additional profits you’re not yet claiming. 

"In our experience, DAT is the most accurate and complete source of spot and contract rate data available.”

- Don Everhart, VP Technology & Analytics for Knight-Swift Logistics

“By integrating DAT’s forecasting data and analytics tools with our expertise and customized pricing, we can deliver fast, reliable rates using the most comprehensive data and market analysis available.”

- Ryan Ilges, Worldwide Express Vice President of Truckload

See tomorrow's trends today.

Contact us today to get the most trusted truckload pricing tools in trucking and take the uncertainty out of freight. DAT iQ offers the most historically complete freight rate database, so you can anticipate seasonal trends and make quick pricing decisions.

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