DAT Product News

Know the Rates and Beat the Competition

When calling on a load or bidding on RFPs, you need to have reliable pricing information for those lanes. Read More

He Who Knows the Rates Wins

<p>When a shipper calls and wants to know if you can arrange to move a load… Read More

How to Make Your Dispatch Team More Efficient

Ever called on a load and found out that your fellow dispatcher already called about it? Read More

Track Loads Using Drivers’ Cell Phones

Freight brokers know that their ability to track loads gives them a competitive advantage. Read More

"Swarming" Your Carriers?

<p>img class=blog_preview_image_left src=/site/assets/media/blog/2015/03/power-pop-up-with-bubbles-blog1. Read More

3 Ways to Better Paying Loads

Now more than ever, speed matters when it comes to finding the best loads. Read More

New Load Board "Puts Everything at My Fingertips" — Fast

<p>The new, web-based version of DAT Power sets a new standard for load boards: Read More

Gain Speed and Efficiency Using New Version of Load Board

A new web-based version of our popular DAT Power load board is now available. Read More

Find Loads on the Go

The best-paying loads don’t stay available for long… Read More

New Email Alert Notifies You When Your Company is Reviewed

Based on customer feedback… Read More

New Mapping Tool Helps Brokers “See” Their Loads

One of the most useful tools a broker can have at his or her fingertips is a map application designed specifically for the… Read More

Save $565/year using DAT’s Free Mobile App

Wouldn’t it be great if an oil company mailed you a check for $565 each year?That’s not likely. However, DAT… Read More