Web-Based DAT Power Load Board Outperforms Downloadable Software

What customers are saying

DAT customers are embracing the new web-based version of DAT Power. See why they’ve made the switch from the downloadable version by reading our blog post What Customers Are Saying About Web-Based DAT Power.

Since it was launched in February, the new web-based version of the DAT Power load board has become the preferred load board for DAT Power users. More than 60 percent of users have migrated from the downloadable software to the new web version, and DAT is encouraging all users to make the switch. (See the bottom of this page for how your company can get the new version.)

Some users like the fact that they can access the web-based load board from any computer. Others like the new group collaboration features. Others appreciate how the web version enables them to accomplish more in less time. Here are the primary advantages of the web version vs. the downloadable software:

  • Post faster – There are fewer fields to fill out, along with auto-suggestions as the user types. Managing multiple postings is easy with batch actions like refresh and rollover.
  • Search faster – While some load boards refresh their postings every 60 seconds, new results on DAT Power appear instantly. A filter panel enables users to quickly expand or narrow results. DAT Power learns user preferences for each lane.
  • Fewer screens to open – The search results page displays more information on the screen, reducing the need to open new windows to view critical information.
  • Access from any computer – The load board is now web-based rather than downloaded to a computer. You can access it from any computer—anywhere you have an internet connection.

After the launch of web-based DAT Power, we’ve continued to improve the product based on customer feedback. Here are some of the new features we added in October:

  • Automatically see matches to your posting – You’ll now see matches to your postings automatically on the posting page, without having to run a search. You can also set an alarm for an audible notification when new matches are added.
  • Sort matches by carrier home state – Brokers can now sort truck matches by the carrier’s home state. This applies to both Posting Matches and Search Matches.
  • Improved Groups functionality – You can now refresh and edit your peers’ postings. When viewing Group postings, you can select from a pull-down button between “Group” and “Mine” to see postings owned by any group member. A new collaboration feature enables group users to leave notes for each other and see the status of loads posted by others in the group. This is particularly helpful when they “swarm” together on a lane. The collaboration functionality is brand new to the new web-based Power.

For more information on the new version of DAT Power, watch the video now or contact us.

How can I get the new version of DAT Power?

  • Current DAT Power users – You can start using the web-based version now. Simply go to power.dat.com and log in with your existing username and password.
  • If you don’t have DAT Power – If you’re interested in learning more, or to see a demo, contact us.
  • Enterprise customers – Your account manager will call you when you’re able to migrate to the web-based version of DAT Power.

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