How to Find Loads Faster Than the Competition

What’s the biggest difference between this year’s holiday freight season and last year’s? For one, there are a lot more trucks available on the spot market, so there’s a lot more competition. If you’re a carrier, that means you need to be able to react faster than ever. The new web-based version of the DAT Power™ load board is the fastest you’ll find anywhere.

Find Loads Faster with the Industry’s Only ‘Live’ Load Board

  • Search results appear instantly at no extra charge
  • Filter results in real time; no need to start a new search
  • Multiple searches at the same time on the same screen
  • EmPower technology learns user preferences for each lane – find loads with fewer keystrokes
  • Post your truck and find loads that match automatically

Access from Anywhere

  • Nothing to download – Access the load board from any computer
  • Find loads anytime – Connect anywhere there’s an internet connection
  • Group searching – Coordinate your dispatch team with the only load board that has group search tools

For years, the DAT Power load board has been a software program that users downloaded to their computers. In February, DAT Solutions introduced the web-based version of DAT Power. It does everything the downloadable version does, and much more. Customers are embracing the new web-based version and more than 70% of users have switched to the new and improved, web-based version of DAT Power.

What Customers are Saying

Bill Goodwin has been a DAT customer since the term “load board” meant scanning a monitor at a truck stop looking for his next load. The former owner-operator now runs a carrier with its own brokerage.

Goodwin’s company, Done Right Trucking in Lake Elsinore, CA, made the switch to the new, web-based version. “I travel a lot between California and Colorado,” he said, “so I love the fact that I can access DAT Power from any computer.”

“This makes other load boards look like a child designed it,” says Brian Stone of Stone’s Trucking LLC, a seven-truck operation in Hamlin, WV. “I’ve been on the phone with brokers and watched my load go off the load board the minute I told them that I wanted it, so yeah, it’s fast.”

How to Get the New Version of DAT Power

  • Current DAT Power users – Start using the web-based version right now. Just go to and log in with your existing username and password.
  • If you don’t have DAT PowerContact us to learn more or see a demo.

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