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"Swarming" Your Carriers?

You need to find a truck and you need it NOW. Everyone on your team pitches in, frantically searching the load boards. You find a match and quickly make the call. The only problem: your co-worker just talked to that same carrier. Not only have you wasted precious time, you’ve annoyed the person on… Read More

3 Ways to Better Paying Loads

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New Load Board "Puts Everything at My Fingertips" — Fast

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Gain Speed and Efficiency Using New Version of Load Board

Want to move more loads in a day? A new web-based version of the… Read More

Find Loads on the Go

Loads have been plentiful this year, with freight tonnage records set in August and freight volume surging well above expectations in September. From January through August, spot market freight availability as measured… Read More

New Email Alert Notifies You When Your Company is Reviewed

Based on customer feedback, we’ve added a new feature to Company Reviews that sends you an email alert when your company is reviewed in the DAT Directory. This will allow you to either congratulate your team for a job well done, or fix a problem early… Read More

New Mapping Tool Helps Brokers “See” Their Loads

One of the most useful tools a broker can have at his or her fingertips is a map application designed specifically for the trucking industry. That’s why DAT Keypoint recently integrated ALK® maps, powered by PC*MILER, into our TMS.DAT Keypoint has always provided useful data and allowed you to customize it to fit the way you work. But sometimes the best way to figure out what data means is to visualize it. Now at the press of a… Read More

Save $565/year using DAT’s Free Mobile App

Wouldn’t it be great if an oil company mailed you a check for $565 each year?That’s not likely. However, DAT offers a free mobile app that could save you that much and more, just by finding the cheapest nearby fuel. The Fuel Prices function on the MyDAT® Trucker mobile app uses GPS to locate the nearest truck stops and lists current prices, distance to the… Read More

Turbocharge Your TMS by Integrating DAT Products

Case Study See how Go-To Transport’s Green Bay office successfully uses McLeod Software integrated with DAT products.… Read More

How Many 5-Star Reviews Do You Have?

With capacity tightening, brokers know how important it is to maintain a good reputation with carriers. One way to build that reputation is by having positive reviews in our Company Reviews feature, which launched in February.How can you build… Read More