An Easy Way to Boost Your Company’s Reputation

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Company Reviews allow carriers and shippers to rate brokers, and brokers and shippers to rate carriers. Having favorable reviews in the DAT Directory can help you grow your business. Learn more:

We all know how important word-of-mouth is in choosing who we want to do business with. That’s why DAT built the Company Reviews feature inside the DAT Directory, so our customers could rate and review companies on the DAT network. We encourage all of our customers to pay special attention to the reviews left about their business and manage their reputation on the DAT network.

One easy way to enhance your reputation is to ask business partners to review you. To make that process even easier, DAT has created a custom web link specifically for your company that sends users directly to a form they can use to review your office. The recipient simply clicks the web link and fills out a review form, after logging in to DAT if they are not currently logged in.

We are in the process of emailing the custom web link to the person listed as the administrator for your account. You can also find the web link in your company’s listing in the DAT directory (see below).

Your company’s custom web link can be found under the Manage Reputation tab in the DAT Directory. Please note that the link will work for your customers, but not for you, because you’re not allowed to review your own company.

Ask your customers to review your company

You don’t have to sit back and wait for customers to review your company. Be proactive and ask them to review you. Below is a sample email you can you use. Simply insert your company’s name and custom web link.

SUBJECT LINE: Please review our company in the DAT Directory


Hello {insert person’s name here},

Thank you for doing business with {insert your company name here}.

In order to help us continue to provide excellent service, we kindly request you share some feedback that will appear on our company profile in the DAT Directory. Online reviews help us to improve and help those considering us as a partner. Simply click this web link: {insert custom web link here}, log in to DAT, and fill out a review form.

Thank you for taking a moment to share your experience.

You can customize the text above and begin emailing it to your business partners who also use DAT load boards. As an incentive, the first 100 people to send out this email will receive a $5 Starbucks card. Simply copy and paste the email above and cc to get your card. By using this template, we are confident more reviews will result, thus enhancing your reputation among other DAT customers.

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