Carriers and Brokers Use Company Reviews to Select Business Partners

DAT’s Company Reviews feature, launched in February, is being used by carriers and brokers alike to help them select who they want to partner with.

In April, I wrote a blog post titled Broker Uses Company Reviews as Both a Carrot and a Stick. In that post, I described how a broker in Indiana rewards carriers by writing positive reviews of them when they do a good job for her. She also includes a note at the bottom of all her rate confirmation sheets to carriers that says: “If you like our company, please post a review on the new DAT review board.”

Carriers are using the new feature too. I noticed that some members of the Facebook group Rate Per Mile Masters are using company reviews to help them choose which brokers they want to work with.

In a recent post, owner-operator Chad Boblett—founder of the 1,400-member group—mentions that he recently turned down a load from a broker because he didn’t like his terms regarding payment for detention time. Here’s what he says:

Before I booked the load I was reading the DAT reviews on the broker and someone had posted that they could not get paid detention after waiting 5 hours to get off loaded… Thanks to DAT’s new review page on this one. That is a good tool we all need to be using.

I encourage all of you to take advantage of Company Reviews and use it to rate the companies you work with and to help build the reputation of your own company, as well as continually raise the quality of the experience of DAT users.

How to Write or Request a Company Review

  • Go to (You can also get to the DAT Directory from within your product pages.)
  • Log in with your normal name and password
  • Click the Search DAT Directory tab at the top of the page
  • Click “I want to… Write a review”
  • Search for the company you want to review and open the company’s profile
  • Click “Write a Review” or “Request a Review” (See below)