"Swarming" Your Carriers?

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Screenshot--Group function in DAT Power load boardYou need to find a truck and you need it NOW. Everyone on your team pitches in, frantically searching the load boards. You find a match and quickly make the call. The only problem: your co-worker just talked to that same carrier.

Not only have you wasted precious time, you’ve annoyed the person on the other end of the phone.

About DAT Power

When you’re working in groups, “swarming” is common. Now, there’s finally a tool that can keep you from duplicating efforts and alienating carriers.

This month, DAT Solutions launched groups functionality in our new, web-based DAT Power load board. This unique feature cannot be found in other load boards. DAT Power enables your team to:

  • See which of your co-workers is currently looking at a truck post.
  • Categorizes truck posts so your co-workers know the status: Called, No Longer Available, Refused, Unqualified, or Accepted.
  • Make notes to give your co-workers more details about your progress.

DAT Power updates all these notifications in real-time so everyone on the team can see exactly what’s happening now.

To learn more about the groups function in DAT Power, or to see a demo, talk to your account representative, call 800-551-8847, or email us.

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