What Customers are Saying About Web-Based DAT Power

DAT Power load boardFor years, the DAT Power load board has been a software program that users downloaded to their computers. This past February, DAT Solutions introduced the web-based version of DAT Power. It does everything the downloadable version does, and more. Customers are embracing the new web-based version and more than 60 percent of users have migrated from the downloadable software.

Bill Goodwin has been a DAT customer since the term “load board” meant scanning a monitor at a truck stop looking for his next load. The former owner-operator who is now a broker-carrier has seen the DAT load board transition from truck stop monitors to a program that could be downloaded to a computer. Recently, Goodwin’s company, Done Right Trucking, migrated from the downloadable software version of DAT Power to the new, web-based version.

“I travel a lot between California and Colorado so I love the fact that I can access DAT Power from any computer,” said Goodwin, based in Lake Elsinore, California.

Stevie Nelson Witt, a dispatcher at Rozenboom LLC/RZB Logistics, a broker-carrier in Bussey, Iowa, has been a fan of the “Custom Match” feature in DAT Power. When she posts a load, DAT Power automatically returns truck posts that match the same origin and destination. “It gets very busy here, and that saves me the time it would take to conduct a separate truck search,” she said. When DAT Power added that feature to the web version last month, there was no reason for the company not to switch from the downloadable software to the web version.

Other customers have their own reasons for migrating from the downloadable software to the web version. Comments posted in the Feedback section of the web version show that some users like the fact that they can use it on their Mac computers; others like the modern design; others like the speed at which results are returned.

For more information on the web-based version of Power—and to see how you can make the switch—see my blog post DAT Power Load Board: New Web-Based Version Retires Downloadable Software.