Trucking Industry Trends

Regulatory Alphabet Soup: HOS, ELDs/EOBRs, and More!

Fifty-one Congressional Representatives signed a letter sent to Anthony Foxx, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation… Read More

Regulatory Round-Up: Short Hauls Exempt from HOS

Short-haul drivers are no longer required to follow the 30-minute off-duty break requirement that had been mandated by the… Read More

July Freight Availability Beats June Levels

Freight availability on DAT Load Boards was 3% higher in July than in June. Read More

Your Thoughts on MAP-21 Compliance

We recently asked Keypoint customers for thoughts about the transportation bill known as MAP-21 and how you plan to respond… Read More

Feds Fund Job Training for Vets in Trucking

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)… Read More

HOS Log: A 2-Day Trip Becomes a 3-Day Trip

My colleague Kevin Scullin summarized the changes to the Hours of Service (HOS) in his recent blog post. Read More

HOS Enforcement Begins July 1st on New Rules

Draw a big, red circle around July 1 on your calendar. Read More

Inside the Walmart Supercube

Walmart Canada recently unveiled a tractor-trailer configuration that allows the retailer to ship up to 30% more product… Read More

5 Predictions for Trucking in 2013

Here are my top five predictions for trucking in 2013: 1. Fuel prices will decline by 10 cents per gallon… Read More

2013 Forecast - What's Happening to the Economy? (A Debate)

<p>Mark Montague and I often get into great discussions about economic trends and their impact on transportation and… Read More

Overcoming Cliffs, Ceilings and Double-Dips

I'm a numbers guy, but I'm also an optimist. Read More

Truckload freight stays strong, despite economic headwinds

If you watch the evening news, you might think there's a recession coming any minute now. An online search for the… Read More