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"Detention is Killing Us" Say Carriers

"Detention is killing us." That pretty much sums up how carriers feel about driver detention, as related in a recent DAT survey of 257 carriers and 50 freight brokers. Of the carriers surveyed, 84% said detention is one of the top five problems affecting their business. By contrast, only 24% of the freight brokers agreed that detention was one of their top five problems. While brokers may feel that detention is out of their… Read More

63% of Drivers Are Detained More Than 3 Hours per Stop

Most drivers spend 3 to 4 hours waiting to get loaded or unloaded, according to a DAT survey of 257 carriers and owner-operators. Of the carriers surveyed, 54% of them said that they wait between 3 to 5 hours every time they're at a shipper’s dock. Another 9% said that they wait more than 5 hours on average. You don’t have to crunch a lot of numbers to figure out how that’s bad for… Read More

Panama Canal Expansion Boosts Freight in an Unexpected Place

The Panama Canal opened a new lane for larger ships this week, and East Coast ports have been expanding efforts to attract Asian imports that would otherwise arrive on the West Coast. The canal expansion has run into plenty of obstacles along the way, and… Read More

Brexit's Mixed Impact on the U.S. Freight Economy

When the British people voted last Thursday to exit the European Union, their Prime Minister promptly resigned, and the value of the pound fell from $1.47 to $1.34 per U.S. dollar, its lowest point in more than 30 years. Stock prices fell, but they're on their way back up now, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed the second quarter on a high note. All this Brexit brouhaha seems remote, but it could have some… Read More

Planning Your Week? Try These 5 Cities for Freight

Looking to plan your week? There are more hot markets to choose from this week. Part of that is thanks to produce harvests in the Southeast and California, which tie up trucks that used to compete for van and reefer loads. Below are your best bets for finding loads fast on DAT Load Boards this week. All the cities listed below are in the top 5 for load… Read More

Imported Produce Volume Outpaces Home-Grown

There is a shift underway right now in the refrigerated freight segment. Two main factors are involved.More restaurant spending, more contract freightThe first, and perhaps the most important influence, is on the consumer side. As a nation, we are spending more money in restaurants and proportionally less in grocery stores. That has a big impact on the supply chain. Restaurants are far more likely to order from… Read More

Driver Detention Issue Still Rankles

It's been a few years since I sat in the dispatch chair or listened to a driver tell stories about delivery delays. Seeing the results and reading the comments on the recent DAT poll about driver detention felt like déjà vu. Nothing has… Read More

Winter Rain Can Affect April Freight

Map from the NOAA.California needs rain, and El Niño has brought bring plenty – along with flooding and landslides. For crops, the weather is a double-edged sword. On one side,… Read More

Readers Sound Off on Detention

We recently posted a reader poll with a couple questions about detention times. We wanted to know how often your trucks are detained for more than two hours, and how often you're able to collect a detention fee when it happens. The responses have been great, and the issue is obviously still a top concern for truckers. We'll post the results from… Read More

Is Low-Cost Fuel Bad for Truckers?

Diesel prices fell to $2.11 per gallon last week at the pump, as a national average. If your truck gets six miles to the gallon, your fuel cost is only 35¢ per mile. How could that possibly be bad? Lower fuel prices lead to a lower fuel surcharge. Every shipper has a different formula to calculate the fuel surcharge, but typically you gain 1¢ of surcharge for every 5¢ or 6¢ increase in the price of diesel. Freight… Read More