Sprinter Van Cargo Insurance

Sprinter Van Cargo Insurance

Protect your valuable freight by insuring your sprinter van cargo with DAT and Loadsure.
Accidents happen, but no one wants to lose money if something happens to the freight they’re hauling. Luckily, DAT can help you get the right cargo insurance for your sprinter van to give you peace of mind.
  • Keep your business secure with sprinter van cargo insurance.
  • Avoid overspending with per-load insurance.
  • Get your business up and running with DAT Authority.

Keep your business secure with sprinter van cargo insurance.

DAT’s partnership with Loadsure gives you access to the best cargo insurance in the industry.

Many things can go wrong on the road, but even if it’s something out of your control, you don’t want a load gone wrong to affect your bottom line. Enter Loadsure, a powerful cargo insurance solution for carriers.

Cargo insurance for your sprinter van is a great way to invest in your business for the long-term, as well as prove to shippers and brokers that you’re a responsible and safe carrier for them to work with, especially when hauling high-value freight.

Avoid overspending with per-load insurance.

Only pay for the coverage you need with Loadsure’s per-load options.

When it comes to cargo insurance for sprinter vans, businesses often overpay, which can lead to financial difficulties down the road. Luckily, Loadsure offers per-load insurance and dynamically priced, all-risk coverage.

DAT’s insurance partner can help you save up to 80% on cargo insurance for sprinter van costs. You’ll be able to keep your freight safe while eliminating unnecessary standing cover charges and surprise monthly surcharges.

Get your business up and running with DAT Authority.

Take advantage of everything DAT Authority has to offer to help your business get off the ground fast.

Starting a sprinter van business means lots of earning potential, but it also means lots of paperwork. Filing for various permits and authorities is a time-consuming, stressful, and expensive process — especially if you make an error and have to re-file.

When you get DAT Authority, our experts will handle your applications for your MC and USDOT numbers. We’ll also fill out your Form BOC-3 and help you navigate other complicated registration requirements without any setbacks so you can get on the road fast.

“Claims like this typically take two to three months, but it only took two weeks with Loadsure.”

- John Coviello, President GMG Transwest Corp

"Loadsure is a no-brainer. I don't remember ever really having to sell it. It's just something that makes sense and the price is right. It’s another tool that makes me even better."

- Patrick O’Loughlin, COO, Regiment Logistics

Protect your business with flexible sprinter van cargo insurance

Accidents happen, so having a cargo insurance policy is a great way to prevent your trucking business from being negatively affected. When you work with DAT and Loadsure to protect your cargo, you and your shippers can rest easy. Learn more about DAT’s partnership with Loadsure and give yourself peace of mind out on the road!

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