Rate Trend of the Week

Texas Surpasses California for Reefer Freight Volume

Texas is growing more agricultural products, and cross-border traffic from Mexico is increasingly entering the U.S. Read More

Will Roadcheck Boost Truckload Rates This Week?

Don't be surprised if small carriers and owner-operators are taking a few vacation days this week… Read More

Will Truckload Rates Rise This Week, Due to Roadcheck?

Some small carriers and owner-operators may be taking a few vacation days this week. Not coincidentally, Roadcheck, the… Read More

Trucking Freight Goes South in Spring

As fuel prices have fallen in recent months, energy-related freight also declined sharply from last year's boom. Read More

Regional Snow Delays Freight Deliveries and Boosts Inbound Rates

Snow is still falling in broad swaths of North America, and if you live or work in those regions… Read More

Regional Snow Delays Freight Deliveries and Boosts Inbound Rates

[No… Read More

Game Changer: Diesel Drops Below $3 Per Gallon


Freight Booms in Houston, as Oil Prices Tumble

Declining oil prices affect truckers' operating costs and revenue, but there is also an impact on cargo types. Read More

Why Did Rates Rise, if Holiday Shipping is Done?

Line haul rates… Read More

Declining Fuel Cost Dilutes Rate Increases

As fuel prices continue to decline, so do fuel surcharges. Read More

Growing Economy Reshapes Freight and Rates

Economic growth leads to more freight, which adds to pressure on truck and rail capacity. Read More

Early Snowpocalypse Freezes Truckload Capacity

Snow came early this year to the Midwest and Northeast… Read More