Rate Trend of the Week

Early Snowpocalypse Freezes Truckload Capacity

Snow came early this year to the Midwest and Northeast… Read More

High Demand Might Collide with Polar Vortex II

Early winter storms are reviving fears of a second Polar Vortex. Read More

Hot Markets for Trucks in November

//… Read More

Stable Truckload Freight Rates Defy Seasonal Dip in Volume

Truckload rates have remained surprisingly stable for much of this year… Read More

Expect Freight Rates to Rise in Holiday Season

Holiday retail sales are expected to grow by more than 4% compared to 2013… Read More

Last-Minute Demand Boosts Rates, as 3rd Quarter Closes

[No… Read More

September Freight May Exceed August Levels

Freight availability and rates peaked early in September… Read More

September Freight May Exceed Robust August Levels

I was cautiously optimistic about September freight volume, but volume and rates peaked early in the… Read More

Hot Markets: Green Bay ♥ Reefers, Harrisburg ♥ Vans

insert 2X HMM, text from Mark's… Read More

The Polar Vortex Effect on RFPs

The economy is back on track, and growth is solid in key sectors that generate a lot of freight: Read More

Late Summer Freight Signals Retail Strength

August is typically a transitional season. Read More

Headhaul Freight Lifts Spot Market Rates

We spend a lot of time at DAT Solutions trying to understand truckload rate trends and how they relate to load board… Read More