Rate Trend of the Week

Truckload Rates May Not Trend Down for Long

Rates are down, but this is a typical trend for the month of July. A second peak may be on its way, however, so get ready. Read More

Find Fruitful Reefer Markets for Late Summer Profits

Where can reefer fleets find high-paying freight in late summer? Read More

Truckload Freight Volume and Rates Drop. Will They Rise Again?

Freight availability and rates declined on the spot market last week, which is totally normal for the month of July. Read More

Rates Soar Like a Rocket, Before the 4th of July

Rates rocketed up last week for all equipment types. Read More

Truckload Rates Rise at Close of Month and Quarter

Freight was widely available at the end of the quarter, and demand continued to be strong in the first few days of July. Read More

Demand Grows, and Truck Capacity Meets the Challenge

Rates are elevated, to record-breaking highs, but truckload capacity is still widely available. Read More

A High-Paying Round Trip Delivers Good News for Truckers

It's unusual for rates to rise in both directions on a point-to-point lane… Read More

Spot Freight Market Sizzles, in Pre-Summer Surge

Truckload freight is booming and capacity may not be able to keep up. Read More

Tight Capacity Has Not Reached a Tipping Point...Yet

Capacity is tight, but trucks can still be found. Read More

All Truckload Rates are Local

National trends are a useful indicator of seasonal pressure, but they can seem contradictory sometimes. Read More

Spot Market Freight Signals Economic Growth

Spot market rates exceeded contract rates paid to for-hire carriers in 45% of freight moves from mid-April to mid-May. Read More

Florida is Hot for Vans and Reefers

Outbound freight is plentiful and rates are soaring right now in Florida. Read More