Rate Trend of the Week

"Backhaul Tuesday" Doesn't Follow Recent Trends

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More Freight, Stable Rates? Capacity is Looser

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Rates Jump 28 cents in Hottest Reefer Lanes

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Tight Sun Belt Capacity Squeezes Rates

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Spring Has Sprung, and Rates Are Blooming

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Reefer Traffic Sizzles in Southern Produce Markets

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Why Did Rates Rise When Load-to-Truck Ratios Fell?

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The Better Things Get, the Worse They Are

Those of us who have been in the trucking industry for a long time will understand and appreciate that title. Read More

January Freight Surge Defies Seasonal Norms

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Finding the Hot Spots

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Dark Before the Dawn?

Van rates slipped 2.6% lower last week on the spot freight market. Read More