Rate Trend of the Week

Reefers Needed, to Move Bumper Crops

The USDA came out with their weekly market report today and indicated tight conditions for refrigerated equipment in SW… Read More

Midwest Heats Up

As August wanes, seasonal trends are perking up the Midwest states. Read More

Backhauls Defy Downward Rate Trends

Rate trends are contrary things. Read More

Rates Stay Strong in Mid-August

Rates are unusually strong on the spot market in mid-August, especially for reefers and vans. Read More

Van Rates Drop Late in July

Van rates finally began to drop last week on the spot market. Read More

Reefer Rates Soar in Key Produce Markets

Fruit and vegetable harvests began and ended later in Texas and Florida… Read More

Rates in July Stay Close to June Highs

Van and flatbed rates rebounded this week, following… Read More

Don't Count on a Mid-Summer Slump in July

Instead of the usual mid-summer slump, we expect July freight volume to be more similar to a typical June. Read More

"Backhaul Tuesday" Doesn't Follow Recent Trends

<p>Spot market rates tend to vary by the day of the week: Read More

More Freight, Stable Rates? Capacity is Looser

Usually when more truckloads start moving, rates quickly follow the volume trend up. Read More

Rates Jump 28 cents in Hottest Reefer Lanes

<p>Rate trends are actually a series of snapshots.We see the trends emerge the way we see motion in a flip-book. Read More

Tight Sun Belt Capacity Squeezes Rates

Seasonal demand is putting the squeeze on truckload capacity throughout the Sun Belt. Read More