Rate Trend of the Week

Reefer rates hit new highs in record-setting month

Reefer markets continued to sizzle during the last week of June, as the end of Q2 and the upcoming 4th of July holiday… Read More

Van rates close Q2 with a bang

As expected, June went into the books with the highest spot market rates on record. The national averages for all three… Read More

Hot Flatbed Segment Shows Signs of Cooling

Demand for flatbeds has been red hot for months, and so are rates. It seems like every week we set a new record for… Read More

Van Rates Edge Up as Load-to-Truck Ratio Declines

Van rates edged up another penny last week, to $2.31 per mile for the month to-date. Yet the national average… Read More

Reefer Prices Swing, in Seasonal Shift

The national average rate for reefers added 1¢ last week, approaching a record high at $2.70/mile. But prices fell on a… Read More

Van Rates Head for Record June Peak

Van rates continued to rise in the week after the annual Roadcheck inspection blitz, and we expect the end of June to… Read More

Reefer Truck Shortages Push Rates Higher

Trucks have been in short supply so far in June, and that's been especially true in many of the major reefer markets. To… Read More

Inspection Blitz Sends Freight Rates Skyward

Spot market demand has already exploded in June. Last week was the annual inspection blitz, Roadcheck, which typically… Read More

Van Rates Rise Ahead of Roadcheck Inspections

The annual Roadcheck inspection blitz is taking place June 5 - 7. This is the first… Read More

Memorial Day Brings Higher Van Rates and Tighter Capacity

Demand outpaced capacity during the week that included Memorial Day. The scarcity of trucks pushed van rates higher… Read More

Will Van Rates Spike Again in June?

Many truckers adjusted their schedules ahead of Memorial Day to avoid running out of hours and getting stuck away from… Read More

Flatbed Rates Set Another Record

Demand for flatbed transportation has been off the charts for much of 2018. For a seven-week stretch in April and May,… Read More