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Van Volumes Holding Steady After Hot Start

After getting off to a hot start in May, van trends took a slight dip last week in terms of truck loads and rates. That's still coming from an elevated level, though. Volumes are as strong as they've been all year, and capacity is tight across the southern half of the country.The Midwest and Northeast quieted down, but freight levels are building in California, which has the potential to lift rates… Read More

Produce Season Leads to Surges in Reefer Rates

Many produce markets around the country are kicking into high gear, especially in the Southeast. Refrigerated truckload volumes have surged out of Florida, and reefer rates on several outbound lanes soared above $3/mile. Load counts were also building in California, while Texas was holding steady last week. Reefer volumes had been building for the past… Read More

Spring Has Sprung for Spot Market Freight

April is in the rearview, and so is a recent trend of falling spot market rates. May got off to a hot start, boosted by higher truckload volumes across a wide swath of the country last week, with the highest demand on lanes heading into the Northeast.Produce season is also kicking into high gear in many reefer… Read More

Flatbed Markets Continue to Boom

While the van markets might be showing signs of heating up, flatbed has been hot all winter long, and getting hotter. The national average flatbed rate for April was $2.65/mile, the highest it's ever been in DAT Trendlines. And there are no signs of a slowdown. Last week, flatbed volumes surged 10% higher, led by Houston, Fort Worth… Read More

Is Spring Shipping Season Finally Here?

Van rates spiked in early April, but the national average was in a steady decline for the rest of the month. For the month, the average van load paid $2.16/mile, which was still 2¢ higher than the March average. Rates fell on a majority of the top 100 van lanes, too.Those declines could be a temporary blip, though, because volumes are showing signs that spring shipping season has sprung. There were strong gains in 5 of the top 6 van… Read More

Spring Produce Season: Where Are Reefers Needed?

Spring produce has gotten off to a slow start this year. The momentum had been building in Florida and Texas, but that stalled a bit last week. Reefer demand did pick up steam out of California, though, and rates responded out of three major markets. On the top 72 reefer lanes, the average rate paid to carriers rose on 37 of them, while prices fell on 31. The remaining four were… Read More

2 Things That Could Push Van Rates Higher

The spot market was in something of a balancing act last week. Volumes edged up, but that was outpaced once again by an increase in truckload capacity. That contributed to a 5¢ dip in the national van rate, which sits at $2.16 per mile for April so far – still higher than the March average.A couple factors have kept the downward trend in check, though,… Read More

Truckload Capacity Loosens, Even With Tighter ELD Enforcement

April 1 was the end of the "soft enforcement" period of the ELD mandate. That means that trucks can now be placed out of service if they don’t have an ELD installed. Before the deadline, we surveyed 645 carriers and found that 91% of them were already compliant with the new regulations, and it the April 1 deadline hasn't had a big impact on the… Read More

Will Tighter ELD Enforcement = Tighter Reefer Capacity?

Reefer rates usually dip around Easter, when the urgency to get fresh shipments into stores before the holiday fades. That wasn't the case last week, though. Volumes were down, but prices weren't.Easter also happened to be on April 1 this year, the first day in which trucks could be placed out of service for not having an electronic logging device (ELD) installed. That could have been a contributing factor to the tighter reefer… Read More

Average Van Rate for April Already 9 Cents Higher Than March

Normally there’s a lull after the end of Q1, with the rush to get freight pushed out the door before month's end now in the rearview. The drop in demand typically leads to lower rates in early April, but that wasn't the case for the week ending April 7. National average spot rates jumped up compared to the March averages.Van: $2.24/mile, up 9¢ from MarchFlatbed: $2.63/mile, up… Read More