Rate Trend of the Week

Spot Market Reefer Rates Hit a 3-Year High

Lately, the spot market for refrigerated freight has looked a lot more like June than November. Read More

3 Reasons Why Van Rates Are Still High

Spot market rates have been climbing steadily again after a slight lull four weeks ago. Read More

Reefer Capacity Gets Tighter Ahead of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so trucks are still in high demand to move refrigerated freight. Read More

How Long Will Van Rates Stay This High?

Spot market volumes got a bump at the end of October… Read More

October Flatbed Rates Were Highest of the Year

The national flatbed rate for October was the highest of the year… Read More

Retail Shipments Keep Truckload Capacity Tight

Volumes for the top van markets rebounded 5% last week, with shippers getting freight in place before month’s end. Read More

Where Did Reefer Rates Rise the Most Last Week?

Reefer load counts on the top lanes kept climbing last week, while rates continued to readjust seasonally. Read More

Van Volumes Soar on the West Coast

Truckload capacity has loosened in recent weeks, so prices have begun to normalize after months of rising van rates. Read More

7-Week Streak of Higher Rates Ends – For Now

Van spot market rates moderated last week, especially on the backhaul lanes where rates spiked two weeks ago. Read More

Rates and Demand Are Still High for Refrigerated Freight

Seasonal harvests are winding down, but capacity is still tight for reefer freight. Read More

West Coast Heats Up for Van Freight

So far… Read More

Rebuilding Efforts Fuel Flatbed Demand

The immediate impacts from Harvey and Irma first showed up in van freight, then reefers. Read More