Where Did Reefer Rates Rise the Most Last Week?

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Reefer load counts on the top lanes kept climbing last week, while rates continued to readjust seasonally. Prices continued to slide in the Southeast, coming down from the previous peaks caused by Hurricane Irma.

Reefer volumes were up near the Mexican border, especially in McAllen, TX, where rates have climbed 12% in the past month.

All rates below include fuel surcharges and are based on real transactions between brokers and carriers.


Chicago reefer rates rose the most last week, bouncing back with higher volumes.

  • The biggest increase was on the lane from Chicago to Denver, up 30¢ to $3.02/mile
  • Chicago to Kansas City also climbed 23¢ to $3.02/mile
  • Mexican imports boosted reefer rates 12¢ on the lane from Nogales, AZ, to Los Angeles to $1.84/mile
  • Denver to Salt Lake City climbed 15¢ to $1.80/mile
  • Load counts are still high in Southern Idaho, and in general, westbound and southbound lanes were up, while eastbound lanes tended to have lower rates


  • In general, rates were up out of Chicago, but the lane to Philadelphia fell 34¢ at $3.18/mile, still higher than it was a month ago
  • Out West, Sacramento to Salt Lake City dropped 20¢ to $2.48/mile
  • As you can tell from the Hot Market Map, brokers and shippers aren’t having a hard time finding reefer trucks in Florida and Georgia, and the lane from Miami to Atlanta was down 14¢ to just $1.22/mile

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