Posted: 06 Sep, 2018 by Pat Pitz

Legislation intended to protect freight brokers when hiring carriers is making its way through Washington. The so-called "National Carrier Hiring Standard" has been included as an amendment within the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization funding bill and approved by the House of Rep...

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Posted: 05 Sep, 2018 by Matt Sullivan

If you make your money on the truckload spot market, you had stiffer competition from rail and contract carriers last month. Shippers moved more intermodal and contract freight in August than they did in previous months, and spot market rates fell as a result.  A late-summer slide is normal for...

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Posted: 31 Aug, 2018 by Mark Montague

In the first half of the year, the spot market in Texas was boiling over, with not nearly enough trucks to cover the growing demand for freight. In the past month, the market’s been pretty tepid. What happened? Pipeline capacity issues in West Texas are part of the explanation. Drilling in the...

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Posted: 29 Aug, 2018 by Peggy Dorf

It could be a little tougher than usual to find reefer equipment this week. The run-up to Labor Day weekend and the new school year typically leads to a surge in demand for transportation of fresh food. This year, the back-to-school grocery fest coincides with late-summer harvests. Apples, pears, on...

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Posted: 28 Aug, 2018 by Pat Pitz

The load-to-truck ratio for flatbeds rebounded last week to 28.4 loads per truck, after losing traction for ten straight weeks. The national average flatbed rate dropped 1¢ to $2.66/mile, but it may trend up again before the month ends on Friday. Rates rose last week on half of the top flatbed ...

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Posted: 28 Aug, 2018 by Pat Pitz

Last week there was a rebound in van freight volumes — up about 8% — as stores continue to move back-to-school groceries and other merchandise before the Labor Day holiday weekend. Van rates have been dropping at a steady pace all month, but last week the decline slowed, moving just 1&ce...

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