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Where Do DAT Freight Rates Come From?

We often explain that freight rates in DAT RateView are based on $57 billion (as of July 2018) worth of actual freight payments per year, on 65,000 point-to-point lanes. But what does that mean? I get this question a lot.DAT has established very rigorous processes to collect and analyze… Read More

No More Check Calls

No carrier wants to haul cheap freight. Let’s say you’ve the choice between an inexpensive load of hay, or a trailer full of pricey electronics. You’re probably going to choose the expensive electronics since it’ll probably pay a better rate, right?The shipper with that expensive freight will likely expect a higher level of service, and they’re going to want to know where their load is at all times. That used to involve lots… Read More

New! Introducing DAT OnTime Load Tracking

DAT just introduced our new load visibility platform for freight brokers. DAT OnTime™ tracks your loads using an app installed on the driver's smartphone. DAT OnTime gives you real-time visibility, so you can identify potential service failures immediately and manage them proactively. It reduces the need to make check… Read More

Check Out the New and Improved DAT TruckersEdge

We've made some big improvements to DAT TruckersEdge. Now it's faster for independent owner-operators and small fleets to find loads, plus we've added features and information that make negotiations easier for small motor carriers. If you've logged in recently, you'll notice right away that we cleaned up around the place. All of the tools you've always used are still there,… Read More

Write a Review, Get a Free Subway Card

When DAT launched Company Reviews three years ago, it gave carriers, brokers and shippers additional information about potential business partners. Now, when DAT customers look up other customers in the DAT Directory, not only do they see hard data—such as a broker's credit score or a carrier's operating authority—but they can also read first-hand experiences from people who have worked with that… Read More

What Is a Load Board?

A load board is an on-demand freight exchange used by shippers, freight brokers, motor carriers, and other logistics companies to find freight and trucks.Freight brokers and shippers use load boards to advertise freight that needs to be moved by posting where the load is and where it’s going. Trucking companies can search the lanes they run and find loads that match their business needs.… Read More

Make More Money With DAT TriHaul

Would you add a leg to your route if it meant potentially boosting your revenue by 25%? By 35%? Maybe even 50%?With DAT’s one-of-a-kind TriHaul™ tool, you get automatic suggestions for triangular routes that can help you avoid low-paying lanes and backhaul rates.TriHaul is included in every DAT TruckersEdge Pro subscription, which lets you plan your routes… Read More

Make More Money with DAT TruckersEdge Pro and 15-Day Rates

You call on a load, and the broker tells you what he's willing to pay. Do you accept the load? Do you turn it down? What if you've never run that lane before? How do you decide? DAT TruckersEdge Pro gives you the information and tools you need to make… Read More

10 Years of Getting Paid Fast

This month DAT celebrates its 10-year partnership with Triumph Business Capital. Triumph is the exclusive provider of factoring services for DAT, helping both carriers and brokers to get paid fast. “Triumph is one of the most reputable factoring companies in the nation, with deep experience in the transportation industry," said Bert Goo, manager of DAT partner… Read More

Carrier TMS Improves Trucking Efficiency and Profitability

Like it or not, trucking has become a data-driven business for carriers large and small. Knowing which customers and which lanes are the most profitable are necessary in a business run on razor-thin margins. Knowing your costs, means: Managing your daily loads, power units and… Read More