Shift your business into overdrive with a DAT One subscription

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Does your trucking business need to find another gear? Unlocking the DAT One app is the first step to getting back to why you got into this business in the first place: freedom, the open road, and honest pay for honest work. With a full DAT One subscription, you get unlimited access to tools that help you grow profits, control costs, and keep your truck loaded no matter where you are. 

DAT One is the only trucking app you’ll ever need. It’s the fuel that empowers your business to:

  • Say goodbye to deadhead miles with full access to the industry’s biggest load board
  • Negotiate the best rates possible with a full view of the most accurate market rate data
  • Get the full picture of your operating costs with tools that give you total control over business expenses

Here’s a quick look at the benefits you’ll achieve when you decide to get the most out of DAT One:

Stay Loaded

With a full subscription to DAT One, you can get unlimited load searches with full access to the DAT One network, including 130 million loads you can’t find elsewhere. But it goes deeper than that. You can now locate profitable loads proactively when you post your truck on DAT One and include your rate so that brokers find you first.

However, “loaded” doesn’t just mean cargo. DAT One helps you stay loaded with information about your business network so you have the power to build with access to key information about brokers — average days to pay, credit scores, company reviews, and more. Such data keeps you informed, paid, and ready for virtually anything.

Grow Profits

How can you make more money with DAT One? Actually, there are two ways:

  1. Know the markets with the Quick Rate Lookup tool. Negotiate higher rates by knowing exactly how much carriers are getting paid on every lane and seeing where your truck is in demand.
  2. Avoid low-paying lanes with the TriHaul tool that automatically suggests higher-paying routes.

Control Costs

Everyone wants to control costs, especially now. And when you get the most out of DAT One, that control comes in forms with which you may be unfamiliar. Here are some of the savings-related features and benefits embedded in the app:

  • Keep your focus only on the loads that matter to you by using the brand-new Profit Estimator, which compares each load to your operating costs and business goals. That way you have an abundantly clear picture of your expected earnings for any given load before you even change gears.
  • Every deadhead mile is lost profit and an expense incurred – and that’s not good for any business. But with unlimited access to DAT One’s load board – the most robust in our industry – you can find and book loads that eliminate those deadhead miles

Until now, truckers have been bound by the limits of their technology, their flow of information, and their partners’ selective sharing of information. But DAT One has remedied the situation. If you’re ready to experience trucking without limits, sign-up for a subscription now.

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