Two Ways to Maximize Your Load Board Subscription

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Nowadays, your profitability as a carrier is tied to your ability to identify the best available loads before your competitors do. Having ready access to timely, comprehensive load information helps you save time and grow your business – and that’s where DAT comes in.

Here are two ways you can leverage your DAT One subscription to achieve maximum benefit and value – and keep yourself profitable in the process:

1. Look deeper

Any load board can show you where freight currently sits and where it needs to go. But DAT One takes you below the surface to provide a glimpse of deeper, more granular data that can get you the load you want at the rate you need to stay profitable. Specifically, that means:

  • Compare your offer against market rate with the Quick Rate Lookup, based on data on 68,000 North American lanes
  • Trendlines data that shows you where rates are headed for multiple truck types (van, reefer, flatbed)
  • Fifteen- and 30-day average lane rates show you precisely what the lane you’re researching is paying (valid only with an upgraded subscription)
  • Verify broker information (e.g., credit scores, days to pay, customer reviews) on each load posting helps you make informed decisions before committing to a load.

DAT One accelerates every step of the freight journey, from booking to tracking to payment.

2. It’s not just a load board

You’re not just a driver – you’re a businessperson. DAT One supports that vision, giving you far more than just a load board; it gives you the tool to empower every part of your business. This includes: c

  • An interactive map showing you truck stops, parking, weigh stations, rest stops, and other important milestones along your journey – no need for multiple apps.
  • Save up to $1,000 per month with DAT fuel cards and fuel price tool.
  • The unique Profit Estimator tool helps you visualize and track business expenses in a way that clearly identifies which loads are most profitable. Profit Estimator is available now on Android and this month for iOS users.

Share your story

It’s no secret that finding the best loads is critical to running a successful trucking business. But what remains a secret is how that success appears in your life. When you have a spare moment, we’d love to hear how DAT One has positively impacted your life and business. Drop us a note at

Explore what you can do to grow your business with DAT One.

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