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The trucking industry is the backbone of the American economy. Without trucking, goods and supplies cannot get into stores or onto shelves for people to consume, it’s essential to everyday life.

The industry also bears great responsibility: Truck drivers are behind the wheels of 80,000+ lbs vehicles that could become a serious threat to the public, which is why special Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDLs) are required. However, a CDL alone doesn’t ensure a driver will drive safely. Therefore, the FMCSA has safety regulations that trucking companies must follow to help identify unsafe drivers and keep them off the road.

These regulations can burden busy trucking companies and disrupt their business. Fortunately, the FMCSA allows these companies to partner with Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) to relieve them of much of the administrative work required to comply with these important safety regulations.

CleanFleet operates a national Drug & Alcohol Testing consortium that provides the total package of services to help companies meet and exceed the FMCSA requirements. CleanFleet goes beyond random testing—our full-service staff ensures clients are in full compliance with Parts 40 & 382 of the regulations.

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CleanFleet’s quality control standards are second to none.

CleanFleet stands apart and above other TPAs though is its hands-on approach to ensuring testing gets done as efficiently as possible. From locating a collection sites for drivers, to monitoring collector process, to announcing lab delays, to facilitating any MRO interviews, to maintaining all documentation related to drug & alcohol programs in case of an audit. CleanFleet also streamlines the billing process by paying the collection sites, labs, and MROs to provide clients with a single invoice.

In addition to providing full-service consortium services, CleanFleet can also manage motor carriers’ Clearinghouse requirements. Companies that take advantage of our Clearinghouse services enjoy peace of mind that all pre-employment, annual queries, and required reporting are taken care of by the CleanFleet team.

Preparing and maintaining driver qualification files is also a huge burden that CleanFleet can alleviate for motor carriers. CleanFleet team members reach out to perspective new hires to perform driver interviews and complete driver applications. From there, CleanFleet obtains the necessary driver signatures and orders the necessary MVRs, verifies medical cards, and contacts previous employers to complete the file.

Clients have the option of having CleanFleet maintain files electronically and having access to the documents through a web portal called Navigate. Along with having 24/7 access to their driver files, clients receive monthly notices of things coming due, such as annual reviews and medical cards. CleanFleet even submits medical cards to state licensing agencies, performs Certified Medical Examiner verifications, and requests new MVRs on all renewed medical cards.

So, if your trucking company is burdened by the administrative work of FMCSA driver safety and compliance, partner with CleanFleet and stay focused on what matters most—keeping your trucks loaded and rolling.

Contact CleanFleet to learn more and get started!

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