Which load board gives you 2.5x more loads every day?

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Smart businesses take advantage of every opportunity. They act proactively because more opportunities means more business. 

If you could guarantee you had more opportunities to grow and scale, wouldn’t you? DAT One offers 2.5x as many opportunities as the competition, every single day. 

DAT One gives you control over every aspect of moving freight, from finding loads to getting paid. Built on the most advanced technology, our freight management system provides access to the industry’s largest and most trusted network, all within a single integrated app that gives you everything needed to run your business with speed and efficiency. 

Still need convincing? Read on. 

DAT One is the best value, bar none

With 2.5x more daily load postings than any other load board, the competition isn’t even close. Your dollar gets you more opportunities than anywhere else – 1 million opportunities a day, to be precise. More carriers choose DAT to find loads than any other load board. DAT One’s value is unmatched – your dollar gets you more loads and higher rates. It’s a no-brainer. 

DAT One keeps things simple 

Throw as many as 15 apps in the trash – DAT One takes care of them all. Fuel, lodging, load management, navigation, it’s all in DAT One. It even highlights the cheapest diesel near you, not just a smattering of options. We’ve been told some drivers save as much as $1,000 a year using DAT One. 

No more flipping through apps to get the job done. DAT One brings it all to you from booking to getting paid. It couldn’t be easier. 

DAT One makes you more money 

Eliminate empty miles, control costs and maximize your revenue potential – that’s what DAT One brings your way. 

In addition to savings, DAT One gives you confidence. You’ll see the industry’s most complete collection of current rates. You’re not going to wonder about how your pricing fares, you’ll know how competitive you are. You’ll make more money with the highest rates you can offer. 

So what’s the wait for? Download DAT One today. 

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