DAT offers new integrations for SmartHop’s AI-driven dispatch service

Nearly three-quarters of the nation’s freight is moved by trucks annually. That’s almost 12 billion tons of America’s stuff, worth close to $800 billion, zigzagging its way across the nation in over 36 million trucks that collectively traveled 300 billion miles in 2018.

There’s one problem, however: Access to all of this freight is not available to all trucking companies. Often hidden within these eye-popping industry metrics is the fact that the vast majority of trucking companies in America are small — 91% operate six or fewer trucks, and over 97% operate 20 or fewer.


Though they account for nearly all trucking companies, small owner-operators and carriers survive without the resources of their larger peers and thus often lack access to the best, highest-paying and most-coveted loads. 

SmartHop is an AI-driven dispatch service built specifically for this underserved market of small owner-operators and carriers. Based in Miami and co-founded by native Venzualan Guillmero Garcia, who saw these challenges firsthand as a pet food delivery driver, the company offers small trucking companies everything they need to compete with bigger players and keep America’s trucking ecosystem strong. 

SmartHop’s AI technology provides load-booking services, back office support, routes to optimize revenue, and lower fuel and insurance prices for small carriers and owner-operators to help them compete with larger rivals. DAT customers will see a faster digital booking experience, better strategy implementation and more access to the right loads that keep them profitable and headed to the right markets.

Together, DAT and SmartHop are helping level the playing field and democratize freight access for small carriers and owner-operators to help keep the nation moving.

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