Rate Trend of the Week

Hurricane Michael halts shipments

Once again, the supply chains were dealt a major disruption last week from Mother Nature.With Hurricane Florence,… Read More

Reefer volumes gearing up for fall holidays

Even though rates are slow to respond, freight volumes are rising as we get closer to the fall holidays of Halloween and… Read More

Van Freight Stabilizes in Early October

Spot market line haul rates are now only 5% higher for vans now than they were a year ago, rising from $1.74 to $1.83 per… Read More

Spot market settles after Hurricane Florence

As people in the Carolinas try their best to return to their normal routines, the freight markets have settled back down… Read More

Prices fall as flooding halts freight

As many parts of the Southeast deal with flooding as a result of Hurricane Florence, the transportation industry is… Read More

How Hurricane Florence affects freight

When disaster strikes, trucks are needed to get emergency supplies where they're needed most. But as has been the case… Read More

Are rates ready for a rebound?

If you make your money on the truckload spot market, you had stiffer competition from… Read More

Reefer demand heats up, but rates lose a penny

It could be a little tougher than usual to find reefer equipment this week. The run-up to Labor Day weekend and the new… Read More

Flatbed ratio reverses 10-week decline

The load-to-truck ratio for flatbeds rebounded last week to 28.4 loads per truck, after losing traction for ten straight… Read More

Van Demand Increases Ahead of Labor Day

Last week there was a rebound in van freight volumes—up about 8%—as stores move back-to-school merchandise and stock… Read More

Reefer demand dips, but fall harvests await

Reefer produce continues to trend down, but fall harvests should reverse the falling volumes and stabilize rates in… Read More

Van rates return to spring levels

Van rates stepped down for the sixth week in a row. That's not to say they're low. They're still about 20% higher than… Read More