Rate Trend of the Week

Van Volume Grows in Midwest, but Rates Slip

Van load availability dropped another 9% on the spot market last week, while truck posts held steady (up 0.6%.)… Read More

Reefer Demand Cools, Except in a Few Hot Spots

Demand waned for reefers on the spot market last week, following an end-of-quarter surge at the end of September. Read More

Flatbed Demand Surges in Oregon and South Dakota

The Pacific Northwest continues to offer high load-to-truck ratios for flatbeds… Read More

Van Freight Rates Fall 2 cents, but Demand Is Up in the Northwest

Spot market rates for vans fell 2 cents to a national average of $1.75 per mile, as demand dipped after Labor Day. Read More

Pacific Northwest Heats Up for Vans and Reefers

Seasonal demand is boosting van and reefer rates in the Pacific Northwest. Read More

Van Freight Volume Edges Up, as Rates Lag

[No… Read More

Seasonal Lull Continues for Flatbeds, But Bright Spots Emerge

Flatbed freight availability dropped 13% on the spot market last week, and rates are on a plateau, averaging $2. Read More

Freight Rates Dip while Load Availability Climbs

Freight volume increased slightly for vans on the spot market last week, but truckload capacity increased more… Read More

Load Volume and Rates Move in Opposite Directions

Rates moved in the opposite direction from load-to-truck ratios last week. Read More

Reefer Freight Market Still Has a Few Hot Spots

July is the in-between season for refrigerated (reefer) freight. Read More

Where Are the Loads? Look Here.

The typical July lull is under way, and spot market rates are drifting down, at least for the next few weeks. Read More

Truckload Freight Doldrums: Rates Decline in July

The typical July lull has begun… Read More