Trucking Industry Trends

Hurricane Winds and Flooding Expected in Houston

Hurricane Harvey is expected to hit South Texas and the Gulf Coast tonight or tomorrow morning, and it may remain in… Read More

ELD Impact Could Be Greatest on 450- to 600-Mile Lanes

Many industry experts predict that ELDs will have a 3% to 5% impact on carrier productivity overall… Read More

DAT Barometers Help Predict Rate Trends

An independent financial research firm has developed a set of freight barometers based on data from DAT. Read More

4 Markets Driving Skyrocketing Flatbed Demand

While the average load-to-truck ratio in April was 3.5 for vans and 6.6 for reefers, the flatbed load-to-truck ratio was 43. Read More

How Natural Gas and Plastics Impact the Truckload Spot Market

Liquefied natural gas production has been on the rise in the United States for the past decade… Read More

Freight Volumes Are Up, So What About Profits?

I was recently interviewed by the Wall Street Journal about the market conditions for trucking in Q1. Read More

How Does Atlanta's I-85 Bridge Collapse Affect Truckloads?

The collapse of a section of a bridge section on I-85 just north of Atlanta was startling for two reasons… Read More

Is the Freight Recession Really Over?

At the beginning of the year, Mark Montague declared that the freight recession was over. Read More

California's Weather Impacts Truckload Capacity

<p>California's weather—good or bad—has a major impact on truckload capacity. Read More

5 Threats to Capacity in 2017

Overall, 2016 was a year of relatively loose capacity. Read More

2017 Outlook: The Freight Recession is Over

The freight recession is over. Read More

What's the Top Issue Facing the Trucking Industry in 2017?

<p>img src=/site/assets/media/blog/2016/12/00013235.JPGRegulations, rates, HOS, parking -… Read More