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Seasons & Regions Series: California Reefer and Van Capacity Tightens in September

We are kicking off our Seasons and Regions series with a spotlight on California. Seasonal/regional analyses will be a regular feature of our newsletter and blog in the future. What regions interest you most? Let us know by leaving a comment and we'll focus on that market in an upcoming edition. Spot market rates were on the rise in September for vans leaving the L.A. basin, as further evidence of this capacity imbalance.… Read More

Rates: Reefers heat up. Vans flatten out. Flats slip down.

Spot market rates for dry vans remained steady at $1.28 per mile in September, and declined by a penny in October to-date. Average flatbed rates have been declining gradually from June's high of $1.63 to an average of $1.56 in September.In August, when the national average flatbed rate was $1.57 for brokers, flatbed carriers on contract hauls got $1.65, plus a fuel surcharge of $0.34, for a total of $1.99. The beginning of October saw… Read More

September spot freight up by 69% year-over-year

Looking back at September, we saw a 69% increase in freight availability on the spot market, compared to September 2009. After seven consecutive months of triple-digit comparisons, August and September volume increases might seem anemic. In fact, spot freight achieved the highest level since 2005 for both of those months. Those year-over-year comparisons are less dramatic now because spot freight increased in the second half of 2009 – not… Read More

3% slip seen in spot market freight, while van and reefer rates heat up

Spot market load availability slipped by 3.4 percent and equipment capacity tightened by 1.7 percent in the week of September 19-25, compared to the previous week. Freight volume may tick upwards in the last week of September, as shippers accelerate freight movements before the third quarter closes. In 2009 and 2008, spot freight volume increased by an average of 6 percent in the week that included September 30th, and volume increased in the… Read More

Spot market freight dips while rates Inch up

Not surprisingly, in the week of September 12 to 18, load availability on the spot freight market increased by 21% while equipment capacity increased by 26% compared to the week before. The uptick compensates for the one-day hiatus in most load board activity over the Labor Day holiday. The net? During the first half of September, freight loads declined 10% while capacity increased slightly (1%) on the spot market. Consequently, the… Read More

TransCore Races for the Cure

On a drizzly Sunday morning, 49 employees and friends of TransCore, jumped out of their warm beds to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer. Some ran, some walked, but most importantly, they all enthusiastically gave their time to raise $2000 for the Susan G. Komen foundation. The Susan G. Komen foundation is dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer. They host several races throughout the year, across the globe, to raise… Read More

Spot market rates rise in September

Spot market rates have been increasing throughout the first two weeks of September, for all equipment types. For example, van rates rose by $0.02 (1.6 %) on the spot market between September 1st and 14th, to a national average of $1.29 per mile for line haul only. Spot market rates, which are paid by the broker or other third-party intermediary, are more dynamic than the contract rates paid directly by the shipper to the carrier. As a… Read More

Great driving

On Friday afternoon, as we watched from our second-story office window in admiration, Gary F. of Ontario Canada-based Liberty Linehaul adjusted his sliders and deftly maneuvered his 18 wheeler through our narrow parking lot. He took a 90-degree left turn between curbs and parked cars,… Read More

Reefer Madness: July contract rates increase as broker rates recede

Contract rates for reefers increased from $1.50 to $1.51 in July. This seems odd, because spot market demand -- and broker rates -- peaked at $1.58 in June for refrigerated vans, then declined to $1.53 in July on the way to the current average of $1.49 in the last week of August. Reefer demand still exceeds capacity, with a spot market load-to-truck ratio of more than seven loads per available truck. But the decline in the spot market rate… Read More

Spot freight market demand eases toward equilibrium

Looking at recent trends, there has been a slow but steady easing in spot market freight volume since April. This was corroborated by the ATA For-Hire Truck Tonnage Report for July, which showed a 5% decline in tonnage, not seasonally adjusted. Bob Costello, Chief Economist at the American Trucking Associations (ATA), predicts that tonnage will increase moderately in the second half of 2010.Meanwhile, spot market rates for vans and… Read More

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