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Reefer rates hit lull between holidays

Reefer activity picked up after Thanksgiving, but not nearly as much as dry van freight. Right now, retail and e-commerce are driving trends in the transportation industry, which has lifted van rates, but prices fell on a lot of the major reefer lanes.Demand for reefers could heat up again as we get closer to Christmas. Meanwhile, meat and potato-growing… Read More

Van rates rebound, thanks to retail

Everyone came back from Thanksgiving break with plenty of work to do last week. Truck posts on the DAT load board were up 21%, which is right in line with what’s typical when comparing a full work week to a holiday week. But load posts shot up 54%, so demand for trucks is hot right now. That pushed the national… Read More

Allentown gains traction as freight hub

Allentown, PA, was once a major manufacturing town, but it has emerged more recently as a popular location for warehouses and distribution centers, especially at this time of year. It's the fastest-growing city in Pennsylvania, with over 120,000 residents and a one-day roundtrip to major population centers on the East Coast. From Allentown, it's only 60 miles to Philadelphia, the 5th-largest city in the U.S., and less than 100 miles to New… Read More

Freight broker revenues climb in October

Freight brokers' revenues and costs rose by about the same amount in October, indicating that high rates paid by shippers were passed along to carriers. As a result, brokers' gross margins stalled at 12.5%. Brokers moved about the same number loads during the month but they made more money per load, compared to September.This report is derived from the monthly financial results of more than 100 freight brokerage companies. Their 2017… Read More

Personal conveyance rules confound carriers

Carriers and drivers are being tripped up by their lack of understanding of the FMCSA's new personal conveyance guidance. So says John Seidl, a former state patrol inspector and FMCSA investigator who now serves as VP of Risk Services for Reliance Partners.Seidl encourages all carriers to read… Read More

Rate trend

Once upon a time, Black Friday marked the end of the retail freight season. Those days are gone, though, and we’re now in the thick of it.E-commerce marked the end of the traditional retail freight season. While brick and mortar stores still need to have their shelves stocked before Black Friday, the online activity that fuels a larger and larger portion of truckload demand every year will continue right up until Christmas and even… Read More

Peak season is coming for freight

Once upon a time, Black Friday marked the end of the retail freight season. Those days are gone.E-commerce has disrupted that traditional freight schedule. While brick and mortar stores still need to stock shelves before Black Friday, the online activity that fuels a larger and larger portion of truck load demand every year will continue right up until Christmas and even on into the first week or two… Read More

Truckload spot and contract rates tell different stories

There are really two truckload rate stories this year. For one, spot market rates have declined sharply this fall. In the second story, contract rates have mostly held up, and in some cases may still have room to climb higher. Those two stories from 2018 lead to two different rate forecasts for the first half of 2019.Trend #1. Spot rates decline due to excess capacitySpot market rates seem to be suffering more… Read More

Minnesota turkeys are stuffing outbound trucks

When you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner in the Midwestern U.S., remember to be thankful for Minnesota. The Land of a Thousand Lakes is also the number-one state for turkey production, by a wide margin. So it's no big surprise that the Minneapolis market area was also the land of a thousand loads (per day) in the first half of November, as fresh turkeys got stuffed into temp-controlled trailers during the run-up to Thanksgiving. There… Read More

DAT Freight Barometers: Contract rates will rise more slowly in 2019

Capacity is becoming more available, as small fleets have mostly adjusted to electronic logging device (ELD) and strict enforcement of the Hours of Service rules. Driver pay has risen steadily in the past year, so large fleets are able to attract drivers and keep more trucks on the road, effectively increasing capacity. Driver turnover remains high, so retention continues to be a pressing issue, especially for large fleets. At the… Read More

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