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Van Rates Continue Seasonal Decline

Truckload capacity has been tight all year, but we're finally starting to see some easing from the June peak. On the top 100 van lanes, freight volumes declined by more than 7% last week compared to the previous week. Only 18 lanes had higher rates, while 76 went lower and 6 were neutral.Rates responded to the lower volumes. The national average van rate dropped 5 to $2.33 per mile, which is still 1 higher than the June… Read More

Van rates drift back down to earth

Van rates continued a seasonal slide last week, but the national average van rate was still 1¢ higher than the June average, even after a decline of 5¢ per mile for the month to-date. To put this in context, the June average was the highest for dry van equipment since at least 2010, and possibly the highest ever. When July ends next week, rates could be within a few cents of that peak. There are some signs of easing. While truckload… Read More

5 lanes with the biggest mid-July drops

It’s typical for freight markets to slump in mid-July, and last week’s national metrics fell in line with that seasonal trend. Everyone was back to work after a taking some time off for the Fourth of July, which meant that there was more load board activity last week, but load posts outpaced truck posts.That's a signal that the red-hot demand we've seen in recent weeks has cooled a bit, but it’s probably a stretch to call this a… Read More

Van rates skyrocket over July 4th week

Van rates hit $2.32 per mile at the end of June, a new record, only to skyrocket to the stratosphere during the 4th of July holiday week. The new peak is $2.45 per mile, although the national average is already down a couple of cents today, to $2.43. That's a rolling monthly average, updated daily, so the 2¢ drop is a result of adding Monday's rates into the mix. It's a signal that rates could continue to drift down over the course of this… Read More

Reefer rates hit new highs in record-setting month

Reefer markets continued to sizzle during the last week of June, as the end of Q2 and the upcoming 4th of July holiday added to pressure on freight rates. As a result, spot market rates hit the highest point ever recorded for reefers in DAT Trendlines. At $2.69/mile, the national average spot rate for reefers was also 11¢ higher than the average shipper… Read More

Van rates close Q2 with a bang

As expected, June went into the books with the highest spot market rates on record. The national averages for all three major equipment types were the highest ever recorded in DAT Trendlines, and the spot market averages for flatbed and reefer rates were higher than the average shipper contract rates for each segment. The average spot van rate was equal to the average contract… Read More

Hot Flatbed Segment Shows Signs of Cooling

Demand for flatbeds has been red hot for months, and so are rates. It seems like every week we set a new record for flatbed rates or load-to-truck ratios, or both. Flatbed volumes in June are 32% higher than they were one year ago in our top 78 flatbed lanes, and rates in those lanes are 26% higher than last year at this time. We are, however, seeing signs that the flatbed market is beginning to cool a bit. Last week the… Read More

Van Rates Edge Up as Load-to-Truck Ratio Declines

Van rates edged up another penny last week, to $2.31 per mile for the month to-date. Yet the national average load-to-truck ratio dropped 11% to 9.2 loads per truck. Rate trends typically follow load-to-truck ratios, but in the past two weeks, the ratios are drifting slowly back to earth while rates head in the opposite direction.Why are rates rising… Read More

Reefer Prices Swing, in Seasonal Shift

The national average rate for reefers added 1¢ last week, approaching a record high at $2.70/mile. But prices fell on a lot of the highest-traffic lanes. As we transition from spring to summer, the main focus of produce season shifts from the Southeast to the West Coast, chiefly California. DAT load boards provide the largest and most trusted digital freight marketplace in the… Read More

Van Rates Head for Record June Peak

Van rates continued to rise in the week after the annual Roadcheck inspection blitz, and we expect the end of June to bring record high rates for the three big equipment categories. As of today, the national average van rate of $2.30 per mile for the rolling month to-date exceeds the previous high of $2.24 per mile in early January. That puts June on track to exceed January’s record. Outbound rates rose by more than 3% on major lanes… Read More