Seidl: Brokers Can Educate Shippers on ELD Mandate

Freight brokers can play an important role in educating shippers and receivers about the ELD mandate and how it will affect carrier schedules, according to former FMCSA inspector and current DOT consultant John Seidl. The mandate takes effect December 18.

"If the motor carrier can embrace ELD technology to increase operational efficiency, and if shippers and receivers can develop procedures to increase efficiencies in getting drivers in and out, this could be a win-win situation for the industry," Seidl said. He shared his advice at the recent DAT User Conference in Portland, OR.

Drivers will be required by law to use electronic logging devices (ELDs) beginning on December 18.

Seidl says freight brokers are in a perfect position to bridge the gap between the needs of the shipper and the needs of the carrier.

"How do you get shippers and receivers to understand the plight of the motor carrier? The broker is in that role," he said. "How do you get the motor carrier to understand the plight of the shipper? The broker is in that role too."

Seidl encourages brokers to take a proactive approach and reach out to their shippers and receivers to increase their understanding of the ELD mandate. He says that the better the relationship between brokers, carriers and shippers, they better off we'll be as an industry.

Watch the video, featuring former FMCSA inpsector John Seidl, of consultancy Integrated Risk Solutions.

An ELD Solution for Carriers

DAT researched ELD providers and selected the ELD made by KeepTruckin as a top model that is easy to use, affordable, and meets FMCSA specifications. Here's more information about the KeepTruckin ELD that you can share with carriers, including an informational video and an option to request a demo.

Pat Pitz

Pat Pitz is the editor of the DAT Solutions freight broker newsletter. He has nearly 20 years experience as a professional writer and editor. Before joining DAT, he spent 8 years at a Portland advertising and public relations agency, where he wrote newsletters and other content for a variety of high-profile clients, including several in the trucking industry.