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The second half of 2020 offers clues to where 2021 is heading

We expect 2021 to be very different to 2020. The pandemic resulted in a crash in demand, followed by a capacity crunch… Read More

Top 10 freight markets of 2020

The complications COVID-19 created for supply chains could be felt across all aspects of life in 2020… Read More

Reefer regulations loosen, possibly adding more capacity

More capacity in the refrigerated sector is one possible outcome of the recent interim final rule published by the FMCSA… Read More

Dry van pandemic-related freight myths debunked

A recent analysis dispelled one of the pandemic-related freight myths that food manufacturing should be higher because… Read More

Container imports spike to record levels in November

The latest monthly release of PIERS import data highlights the extraordinary import growth the freight market has… Read More

RFP season arrives amid uncertainty

Uncertainty abounds as we begin to look forward to the New Year. Read More

The fastest tools for freight rates just got faster

Our new 3-day average rate is the Goldilocks of rate benchmarks: the perfect blend of time and density. Read More

Freight volumes are down this year, but it varies by industry

Last week we reported on several reliable and unbiased industry volume indices (ATA Truckload Tonnage… Read More

The fast-moving CPG rollercoaster continues

This week… Read More

Localized capacity constraints create spot market ripple effects

Constraints on trucks and drivers continue to keep spot market truckload rates high… Read More

What to expect in Q4 for freight markets

As retailers get ready for the holiday shopping season… Read More

Truckload supply dictates price in imbalanced freight markets

Historically, increased spot market activity signaled higher overall truckload demand and tighter capacity. Read More

Changes in inventory strategies add new wrinkle to fall shipping season

Abandoning their lean-inventory strategy… Read More

Long-awaited Hours-of-Service (HoS) rule changes may be put on hold following a legal challenge filed last week

Late last week the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters… Read More

How to make National Truck Driver Appreciation Week an event that lasts all year

At this time last year we were finalizing our agenda for DATCON 2019, our user conference for brokers and 3PLs. Read More

Divided consumer spending habits drive freight imbalances

In a lot of ways… Read More