Anticipate and plan for what’s ahead with the 2021 Freight Focus report

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With another unpredictable year ahead of us, DAT analyzed the trends from 2020 to pinpoint what to watch in the year ahead.

In the 2021 Freight Focus, we dig deep into the driving forces behind the volatility that shaped the past 12 months, and our panel of experts assess the changes that are here to stay for the next 12.

Whether you’re a carrier, freight broker, shipper or anyone else affected by transportation, the 2021 Freight Focus provides key insights to help you anticipate and plan ahead.

Download 2021 Freight Focus: The Transportation and Logistics Outlook

What’s inside the 2021 Freight Focus:

  • Lessons learned from 2020
  • Six trends to watch in 2021
  • The top freight markets from the past year
  • And much more

Get your free copy of the special report and get a clearer view of the trends that will shape the next year.

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