Posted: 31 Dec, 2018 by Chad Boblett

The spot market will likely be the same as it is every year around this time: From January to about the end of March, it will most likely be slow. There won't be the volatility that we saw at the beginning of 2018, because that was a result of the ELD mandate. Don't expect to see as many loads as we...

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Posted: 30 Dec, 2018 by Steve Blair

Although revenues and profits improved for freight brokers in November compared to 2017, the month-over-month results were disappointing. Load counts declined for the third consecutive month, and rising labor expenses took a bite out of net profits.  This report is derived from the monthly fina...

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Posted: 27 Dec, 2018 by Peggy Dorf

If you're covering a load from Buffalo, NY, there's a good chance it actually originated in Canada. The city is on the border, less than 100 miles from Toronto, our northern neighbor’s largest metro area. Buffalo’s nickname, “The City of Good Neighbors,” describes its importa...

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Posted: 26 Dec, 2018 by Matt Sullivan

Shippers had plenty of last-minute freight to deliver before Christmas, and that stopped the slow slide we had been seeing in reefer freight. The demand for fresh food before the holiday pushed volumes up 7% last week, which boosted rates on most of the high-traffic reefer lanes. Those increases cou...

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Posted: 26 Dec, 2018 by Matt Sullivan

A year ago, the spot market was a much more volatile place. Demand was soaring for retail freight, and the ELD mandate that had just taken effect led to a major capacity crunch. Amid all that uncertainly, shipping rates skyrocketed, and it got even crazier in the month to follow. That's worth mentio...

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Posted: 18 Dec, 2018 by Matt Sullivan

In recent years, there's been a spike in spot market rates in December. That hasn't happened so far in 2018. Prices could still go up if there's a capacity crunch around the holidays or if winter weather disrupts supply chains. But for the time being, rates are going the opposite direction. Dry van ...

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