Best Practices and Benchmarks

Where Does Most Cargo Theft Happen?

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8 Numbers That Are Just As Important as the Rate

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Use Your TMS To Get Through the Capacity Crunch

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Who is Managing Your Online Reputation?

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How to Get the Most From DAT RateView Reports

DAT RateView already puts a wealth of information at your fingertips… Read More

Find Carriers With Fewer Phone Calls

On average, it takes a broker 7 phone calls to find a qualified carrier, and each call typically takes two minutes. Read More

One Way Carriers Can Protect Their Driving Time

Do pilots ever start flying without knowing where they will land? No, and drivers should not drive without a detailed,… Read More

How to Choose the Best TMS Software for Freight Brokers

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I Just Started Using an ELD. Here Are the Pros and Cons so Far.

I am now ready for ELD mandate on Dec. 18. I've had an electronic logging device for a while… Read More

Expedited Loads: 5 Tips for Fast Negotiations

<p>In 2017, Hurricane Harvey led to a lot of urgent loads on DAT load boards, and Hurricane Irma led to even more. Read More

DAT User Conference: Combining Outside Experts with Inside Expertise

A DAT customer called me on my cell phone recently, for help deciding whether or not to attend the 2017 DAT User Conference… Read More

Develop Local Dumbbells, and Become a Self-Running Trucker

A local dumbbell is a roundtrip where the pick up point is near the driver's home… Read More