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Reefer Truck Shortages Push Rates Higher

Trucks have been in short supply so far in June, and that's been especially true in many of the major reefer markets. To get an idea of just how tight capacity has been, reefer truck posts on DAT load boards were down 9% last week compare to the previous week. Normally you'd expect an increase because that previous week included Memorial Day, so there were only four business days. So even with an… Read More

Inspection Blitz Sends Freight Rates Skyward

Spot market demand has already exploded in June. Last week was the annual inspection blitz, Roadcheck, which typically leads to tighter capacity and higher rates because a lot of truckers take that week off. And of the drivers who do work, a lot lose driving time due to the inspections. This year, capacity was already tight from Memorial Day week, so the Roadcheck effect was even more pronounced.Freight rates were relatively calm back… Read More

Van Rates Rise Ahead of Roadcheck Inspections

The annual Roadcheck inspection blitz is taking place June 5 - 7. This is the first Roadcheck event since the implementation of the ELD mandate, and this year the inspections will focus on hours-of-service compliance. In years past, Roadcheck has led to tighter capacity and higher rates, with some truckers taking the week off and others losing driving time… Read More

Memorial Day Brings Higher Van Rates and Tighter Capacity

Demand outpaced capacity during the week that included Memorial Day. The scarcity of trucks pushed van rates higher during the holiday-shortened week, as the national average van rate increased 4¢ $2.19 per mile. Normally during a four-day shipping week we'd expect load posts and truck posts to be down 20%. Truck posts did, in fact, drop 20%. But load… Read More

Will Van Rates Spike Again in June?

Many truckers adjusted their schedules ahead of Memorial Day to avoid running out of hours and getting stuck away from home on the long weekend. As a result, there were fewer trucks available last week, and the tighter truck load capacity pushed rates higher across much of the country.The big uptick in prices on the top 100 van lanes could signal a big increase in the… Read More

Flatbed Rates Set Another Record

Demand for flatbed transportation has been off the charts for much of 2018. For a seven-week stretch in April and May, the national load-to-truck ratio was above 100 loads per truck. Flatbed ratios are often inflated because loads get reposted and truckers in that segment are the least likely to post their trucks, but those ratios were still unprecedented.… Read More

Florida Reefer Rates Take a Dive

Peak season for Florida seems to have come to a close, and reefer rates responded accordingly. Prices out of Miami and Lakeland plummeted, but the ripple effects also led to higher outbound rates in Atlanta, as prices adjust and demand shifts northward to Georgia produce.Aside from Florida, the southern band of states from California… Read More

Fuel Prices Keep Pressure on Van Rates

The average price for a gallon of diesel hit its highest mark of the year last week at $3.28, which is 74¢ higher than a year ago. The higher fuel cost has kept the pressure on spot market rates to remain elevated, despite the extra competition for loads in the Midwest and Northeast last week.The looser capacity up north was offset by intense demand for dry van… Read More

Fuel Prices Keep Pressure on Van Rates

After getting off to a hot start in May, van trends took a slight dip last week in terms of truck loads and rates. That's still coming from an elevated level, though. Volumes are as strong as they've been all year, and capacity is tight across the southern half of the country.The Midwest and Northeast quieted down, but freight levels are building in California, which has the potential to lift rates… Read More

Florida Refrigerated Freight in Full Swing

Reefer load counts and rates continued to climb last week, boosted by produce markets across the country. Last week was the fifth in a row for rising volumes, and prices continued to surge out of the Southeast.DAT load boards provides the largest and most trusted digital freight marketplace in the trucking industry, with more than 179 million loads and trucks posted annually, plus… Read More