Hard time finding a carrier? Use this tool

Have you posted a load but the phone just isn’t ringing? It’s time to be proactive and research who is working in the lanes you need. An easy way to do that is to use the DAT LaneMakers® tool within the DAT Power load board. And now LaneMakers is even better. It has a new look and greater functionality.

LaneMakers helps brokers procure trucks and establish relationships when:

  • Capacity is tight on a certain lane.
  • You’re looking for a carrier in a lane that’s new to you.
  • You’re competing for a “can get” load that a shipper makes conditional on whether you can secure an acceptable carrier.

Key features of the new, enhanced version of LaneMakers include:

  • Shows the top 20 truck posters or top 20 load posters in the past 30 days.
  • Supports any search you can perform in DAT Power, including city to city, state to state, and region to region.
  • Allows you to filter your searches by the class of equipment, such as flatbed, or search for a specific trailer type, such as stepdeck or removable gooseneck.
  • Displays the poster’s contact information, office location, star rating, and desired equipment type.
  • Let’s you know if the company has a posting on the lane right now.
  • Is integrated with the DAT Directory, so brokers can verify the carriers’ operating authority, safety ratings and insurance coverage details.
  • Includes “preferred” and “blocked” icons to alert you to the companies you like to work with—or those you want to avoid.

DAT LaneMakers has new interface, including a graph that shows posting volume. Hovering over a company’s name reveals additional information about the company on the graph.



Do I already have LaneMakers?

If your subscription to DAT Power includes LaneMakers, you’ll find it in the toolbox in the upper right hand corner of your load board. If you don’t have LaneMakers, and would like to get it, send us an email or call 800-328-5313.