Can You Move 2 More Loads Every Hour?

Attendees at the 2016 DAT User Conference.

The “automated brokerage” is the buzz in logistics circles, but until that happens, there are many ways to be a lot more efficient and a lot more productive—and a lot more profitable. This is particularly important given the high volumes of freight coming onto the spot market now and the impact of the ELD Mandate in December. The Power Basics course at the DAT User Conference, Oct 23-25 in Portland, OR, is a good first step in learning how.

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We surveyed hundreds of brokerages and learned that the average number of calls brokers and agents make to secure a truck is about 7. At 2 minutes a call, that translates to almost 7 hours to move 28 loads! By reducing the number of calls from 7 to 5, the same amount of effort would yield 40 loads moved, a 43% improvement. Instead of moving 4 loads an hour you could move almost 6. That’s more than 50 additional loads per week. Even moving a few extra loads is worth the cost of the conference, which currently is $695–and bumps up to $895 after July 31.

We’ll show you some simple performance hacks in DAT Power that can make that happen. So look at the agenda and schedule and then register to get the early bird rate.

We’ll also answer the question: why so many calls to get a qualified carrier? (Spoiler alert: it’s not always the rate.)

And what is it that carriers look for in choosing the loads they call you about?

The course is co-taught by Robert Rouse, our senior trainer, and Todd Kalhar, Product Manager. It is one of several we’re offering over the October 24-25 DAT User Conference in Portland that will make you and your team more efficient, productive, and profitable. 43% is pretty good number to shoot for!


“If you get one nugget out of it, it’s worth the money. The conference doesn’t cost that much, and if you learn even one thing that saves you from losing money or helps you make money, why wouldn’t you do it?” – Rob LaForte

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