$75,000 Broker Bond Update

Surety Bond 75 road signThe vast majority of brokers using DAT load boards are compliant with the new regulations that require brokers to have a $75,000 bond or trust fund. Only a small number have yet to get a bond. This speaks to the high caliber of the companies doing business in the DAT network.

If you do not yet have a $75,000 bond, please understand that maintaining your broker authority is important because it has always been DAT’s policy that only shippers and companies with active brokerage authority from FMCSA can post loads on our load boards.

Still time to get a DAT bond

If you are still shopping for a bond, we can help. DAT has enlisted the assistance of Integro Insurance Brokers to offer a broker bond exclusively for DAT customers. Premiums start as low as $3,000, and no collateral or financial statements are required for those who qualify.

The DAT bond is A-rated and minimal documentation is required. There are no program initiation fees and DAT does not receive any compensation from the bond. Please visit www.DAT.com/bonds for more information or to apply for the bond.

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