Gain Speed and Efficiency Using New Version of Load Board

Video screenshot - DAT PowerWant to move more loads in a day? A new web-based version of the DAT Power load board allows brokers to post loads and search for trucks faster—reducing steps and bringing more information into the search results. New tools let you quickly refine your searches and refresh your posts with a single click.

“It gives me everything I need at my fingertips. I can do most of my work without changing screens,” says Shellie Greene, an agent for O & I Transport in Dearborn, Michigan, who has been using the product since its beta-test phase.

The new, web-based version of DAT Power is a complete redesign and incorporates the latest web technology used by sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google. A team of engineers spent more than two years re-building the product from the ground up.

Here are some of the key benefits of the new DAT Power:

• Post loads faster – There are fewer fields to fill out, and as you begin typing, the auto-suggest feature fills in fields such as origin and destination cities, truck types and weights. Batch functions enable you to refresh multiple postings with a single click or roll them over to the next day.

• Search for trucks faster – A new filter panel helps you refine your search parameters quickly, without having to create a new search. Filter results by length, weight, full/partial, carrier’s home state, preferred/blocked, and more. DAT Power remembers your search preferences for each lane and equipment type, saving even more time and keystrokes.

• Fewer screens to open – Access critical information right from the same screen. While viewing a list of available trucks, simply click the carrier’s name to see contact and safety information without having to leave the screen. You can also view current spot market rates and open other tools, such as LaneMakers and Hot Market Maps, in a single click.

• Access from any computer – Because it’s web-based rather than downloaded to a computer, users can access it from any computer—even Macs—at work, at home, or while traveling.

For more information on the new version of DAT Power, watch the video now.

How can I get the new version of DAT Power?

  • Current DAT Power users – You can start using the web-based version of DAT Power now. Simply go to the and log in with your existing username and password.
  • If you don’t have DAT Power – If you’re interested in learning more about DAT Power, or to see a demo, contact us.
  • Enterprise customers – Group collaboration functions will be coming soon. Your account manager will call you when you’re able to migrate to the web-based version of DAT Power.