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I just read an article in Truck Parts and Service, where Avery Vise discusses Randall Reilly’s new Trucking Connectivity Study. I was most interested in the use of smart phones and social media use by truckers and transportation executives. As you might expect, these technologies are used more often by younger people — in this case, those under age 50 — and smart phones are rapidly gaining popularity. Facebook is by far the most popular of the social media types, and its users look at Facebook more often than followers of LinkedIn or Twitter consult those platforms. Again, the trends differ by age group as well as job description, but smart phones and Facebook are the clear winners.

The timing was great, because it so happens that we are just updating our DAT Facebook page at www.facebook.com/LoadBoards, and we are making a special offer: The first 500 people to “like” our new page on Facebook AND then visit our booth (#16090) at GATS, the Great American Truck Show, will receive this stylish hat. Of course, we’d be happy to have you as a Facebook friend even if you’re not going to GATS — so please visit our page and click “Like.” You’ll see some interesting news and articles about our industry, and it’s a nice way to stay in touch.

Get a DAT hat! “Like” us on Facebook and visit our booth (#16090) at GATS.

The trouble with technology, at least in my life, is that it functions as a sort of electronic “leash,” tethering me to work and other distractions when I should be focusing on my home and family. I do manage to turn the phone off most weekends, for 24 hours at a stretch. My big brother, a self-described “serial entrepreneur and workaholic” wrote an article on the subject, which I recommend: “Switching Off From the 24-7 Work Ethic.” It’s good advice, even if he (and I) might have a hard time putting it into practice consistently.

At least we all put down the phone when we’re driving. Right?

Stay safe out there, and enjoy the weekend!

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