Navigating freight’s future with AI

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The industry is changing fast. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or unable to keep up. There are new tools, new metrics, new technologies, and the hottest topic in town: artificial intelligence.  

In a new article in 3PL Perspectives, DAT’s Jeff Hopper urges the freight industry to embrace innovation, particularly artificial intelligence (AI). With the 2024 TIA Capital Ideas conference focusing on industry uncertainties, AI emerges as a key solution to challenges like identity fraud.

Read Jeff’s full article here.

One of the pressing concerns in the industry is security, particularly in the face of rising identity-related fraud. Traditional methods struggle to keep pace with the sophistication of fraudulent activities. However, AI offers a ray of hope by efficiently detecting and preventing fraudulent behavior while minimizing friction for legitimate users.

In his piece, Hopper highlights the role of AI-driven risk assessment engines in identifying patterns and signals indicative of suspicious activity. By analyzing vast amounts of data, including login events, behaviors, and profile information, these engines can effectively assess security risks and take proactive measures to mitigate them.

Moreover, AI extends its capabilities to carrier risk assessments, providing brokers with invaluable insights into a carrier’s performance and reliability. By integrating AI-powered risk assessments into load boards like DAT One, brokers can make informed decisions without the need for third-party services, thus streamlining operations and reducing costs.

DAT invites attendees to explore AI’s potential in shaping the future of freight with us at booth 410. Through interactive sessions, participants will learn how AI empowers smarter decisions and defends against fraud, ensuring a competitive edge in the evolving industry landscape.

Read Jeff’s full article here.

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